Blindtalk Crypto-Messaging Alpha

Work in progress

The Spoiler Game

Getting as many eyeballs as possible for the messages is the main objective of the spoiler game.

  1. A spoiler character will be inserted in a random message. It may alter the meaning of the message.

  2. Readers are invited to find the spoiler character. The first reader who spot it correctly on the first try will be rewarded with Blindtalk tokens. However, if the first try is incorrect then the reward will go to the message sender instead.

  3. Everytime a new message is posted in some amount of Blindtalk tokens will be set aside in a pool. When the pool reaches a certain threshold then the reward system will be activated and a new spoiler character will be released. The new spoiler character will be inserted into one of the earlier messages since the last spoiler on random basis.

  4. The readers may browse the front page for the messages with the spoiler characters, or search for the messages in the database.

  5. The reward is in the form of Blindtalk tokens. The winner may cash it out through the Waves DEX or use the rewarded tokens to post more messages in The sender of the new messages will have chances to win new rewards.

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