Blindtalk Crypto-Messaging Beta


Blindtalk is already serving its purpose as a messaging platform for anonymous to unknown. We are not stopping there. Blindtalk has broader capabilities. The following are our plan and development to further enhance Blindtalk.

  1. Anonymous posting to unknown. The receiver has to search for the message. Done

  2. Premium messages on the front page of The highest paid message floats to the top. Done

  3. Lucky draws for the senders of the top premium messages.

  4. The spoiler game to win eye balls. A spoiler character will be inserted into a random message. The reader who spotted it correctly will win tokens. Otherwise, the sender of the message will collect the tokens.

  5. Turn selected posts into blogs with paid comments where the proceeds will go to the writers.

  6. Message distribution to external web pages where the hosts will be paid in tokens.

  7. Message templates such as for product and job postings. Users may design and sell their own templates.

  8. Application programming interface (API) for external services to extract Blindtalk messages.

  9. Make Blindtalk an anonymous-message-brokering platform. A use case: Subscribers to the platform will be pushed in real time with valuable information from the public who prefers to be anonymous. And the subscribers may directly pay the anonymous informers using Waves cryptocurrencies. Another use case: Job seekers subscribe to the platform where messages with matching job descriptions will be pushed to them. There will be many other use cases.

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