Blindtalk Crypto-Messaging Beta

Post a Message

The following are the steps to post a message in Blindtalk:

  1. Get Blindtalk tokens. You need to hold at least 1000 Blindtalk tokens for you to post a message.

  2. Send at least one Blindtalk token to 3P9pSqybo9S7tBu83KNG8HK72TZ6dR4DkZ8 using the Send Blindtalk form in the Waves client. You may want to send more Blindtalk tokens to bid for the front page placement.

  3. Once you have sent the tokens then copy the transaction id and paste it in the TX ID box below.

  4. Write your message in the Message box below.

  5. You have to agree with the terms and conditions.

  6. Click the Post button.

The message cannot be longer than 2048 characters.

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