Blindtalk Crypto-Messaging Alpha

Note: Blindtalk tokens are not on sales yet.

Buying Blindtalk Tokens

Blindtalk tokens can be bought from the Waves decentralized exchange DEX.

  1. First, you need to get the Waves client which is also a multi-asset wallet. The decentralized exchange is built within the client. Go to the Waves website and get the client. Follow the instructions on the website.

  2. Run the client and create an account. Strictly read and follow the account creation steps. Remember your password and write down your SEED and keep it somewhere safe. Treat your account like a bank account. Avoid losing access to your account. Losing access to your account is as good as losing everything in the account. No body can help you if you lose your account. You have been warned.

  3. Get yourself familiar with the Wave client. Go read their documents and tutorials. Once you are confident with the Wave client then you may start dealing with real cryptocurrencies.

  4. Deposit enough Bitcoin in your account. And deposit some Waves, or buy some Waves with Bitcoin. You need some Waves to pay for the trading fees. You may need to read the tutorials on how to trade tokens on the decentralized exchange.

  5. Select Waves Decentralized Exchange from within your account.

  6. On the top left field enter this identifier BjDHgbL9swcwSL7Xg1q4qnwbb6mdo2Qc4o9RqNB4TeWF and click the same identifier listed below it. The field value will change to Blindtalk.

  7. On the top right field enter Bitcoin and click Bitcoin listed below it.

  8. Please read the tutorial on how to trade tokens on the decentralized exchange. And another. Familiarize yourself with the exchange.

  9. You may start buying Blindtalk tokens anytime when you are ready.

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