Blindtalk Crypto-Messaging Alpha


The best place to keep a secret is in the open. And a secret place is amazing.

An unknown party of two makes eavesdropping difficult. It's like listening to someone talking over the phone. One party is loud and clear. The other is silent.

Blindtalk is a messaging platform where senders post messages and expect the receivers to search for them. While the senders are anonymous, the receivers are totally unknown to the platform. Both the senders and the receivers never have to sign up with Blindtalk. And we do not collect any user information other then their crypto-addresses and the messages.

Users have to pay at least one Blindtalk token to post a message. Searching for the messages is free. We want to create a large community who share secrets in the open but prefer to hide themselves from each other. You can call Blindtalk anti-social. Yet Blindtalk is still a social media.

Why do users want to search for Blindtalk messages? Because they want to find secrets. And they don't want to miss any important secrets. And there is a Spoiler Game where users may win Blindtalk tokens. And for the message senders they may win big lucky draws. The Spoiler Game and the lucky draws are still works in progress.

Blindtalk will not stop at only keeping secrets. Blindtalk wants to become anonymous messaging broker. i.e. Someone makes an offer and others want to grab the offer. Those who want to grab the offer may subscribe to Blindtalk channels. This is still a work in progress.

The messages may contain advertisement. Users may design their own message templates to cater for the advertisement visual appearence. And they can sell their templates. This is also a work in progress.

Blindtalk will only accept Blindtalk tokens for all its services and will only pay like wise. Blindtalk tokens are traded in the Waves decentralized exchange.

If you want to send a message to Blindtalk just post it. Our secret should be kept in the open.

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