Blindtalk Crypto-Messaging Beta


The best place to keep a secret is in the open.

The Blindtalk theory: An unknown party of two makes eavesdropping difficult. It's like listening to someone talking over the phone. One party is loud and clear. The other is silent.

Eavesdropping is a problem in secret communication. The solution is to confuse the agents.

Blindtalk is a messaging platform where senders post messages and expect the receivers to search for them. While the senders are anonymous, the receivers are totally unknown to the platform. Both the senders and the receivers never have to sign up with Blindtalk. No user information is collected other then their crypto-addresses and the messages.

However, users have to hold 1000 Blindtalk tokens and pay at least one Blindtalk token to post a message. Searching for the messages is free.

Blindtalk will only accept Blindtalk tokens for all its services and will only pay like wise. Blindtalk tokens are traded in the Waves decentralized exchange.

If you want to send a message to Blindtalk just post it. Our secret should be kept in the open.

The Founder

Blindtalk was founded by Abdullah Daud. His interest is in the message signing in Bitcoin. He managed to extract the code to verify signed message from a Bitcoin-based alt-coin and made it into a standalone library. He has many other interests such as crypto-based online payment, anonymous communication, and alternative advertising.

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